Products to Grow Hay and Pasture

We have developed several programs for the hay and pasture industry giving outstanding results. 



Quality Hay & Pastures one field at a time….

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The products you see listed were specifically designed and tested by cattlemen with over 30 years experience. These are some of the most highly active bio-Fertilizers in today’s market. Using our unique blending technology we are able to use this products to help design a program that’s right for you. These complete fertilization programs not only ensure that roots run deep and the soil remains balanced and healthy, but it also ensures your plants will grow thick while building and maintaining high protein. You’ll find that this can be done at about half the cost of commercial fertilizer.

Below are some Some of our products we incorporate into our Hay and Pasture program but Since the program varies based on region, soil type and some soil conditions.  We will need to ask some questions first.

Simply put, If you follow these programs you will no doubt save money, have thicker healthier pastures and produce more hay.

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RM 15,    Grow Pro Plus,    Boost 51,   Production Deep Green    and   Bermuda Maxxx

We cover the south east USA with a dealer distribution network.