Liquid Micronutrients for Agriculture


UAS makes many micro nutrient products for agricultural use. Review this table below to find a micro nutrient product that suits your needs. You can also download and print the table.

View Table (PDF)

If you do not find one, ask us. We make many more.

Click any product from that table in the list below for technical specification, SDS, and label.

8-2-4 Blueberry Special
Blueberry Micro Mix
Boron 10%
CalBor Ca8% B.5%
Citra Grow
Citrus Micro Mix
Copper X
Dark Green
Fe 6% Mix
Iron Hume
Key Bor
Mag Hume
Micro Boost
Micro Boost Organic
Micro Hume
Mn 6% Mix
MZ Mix
MZFe Mix
Peanut Micro Mix
Super Cal 8
Super MicroBoost Citrus Mix
Zn 9% Mix