Liquid NPK – Introduction



UAS of America developed a series of Liquid NPK products to feed the plant via foliar spraying and in the soil via Drip Irrigation. We have developed a NPK for each of the life cycle of the crop (plant).

Our NPK products have a superior edge over the competition.

    • • Many contain bio-stimulants
    • • They are hot mixed homogenized NPKs
    • • They contain natural nontoxic food grade raw materials or clean grade
    • • They are neutral pH balanced
    • • Some contain high Humic/Fulvic Acids levels

Our standard manufacturing process is to go through a series of control steps to accomplish our end result. In each step we carefully monitor while doing quality control processes. This is done to ensure that at all times the customer receives the same high quality product, purchase after purchase.

We have taken our industry into the future through our quality control testing of our products. With these inspections we always guarantee the customer a uniform high quality product designed to perform.


Liquid NPK products for Turf

Liquid NPK products for Agriculture

Liquid NPK Products – Phosphites

Highly active soil/foliar applied Fulvic NPKs

How to choose what NPK is right for your needs