Designed for Agriculture

UAS of America, Inc., is dedicated to the development and ongoing training of individual farmers and organizations, who are interested in finding and using alternate methods to improve cultivation and fertilization procedures. Our goal is to provide the tools and training to farmers so they can be less dependent on chemical fertilizers, while harvesting the same if not better yields, with substantial increases in quality.

We can show the modern day farmer heading into the 21st Century that his land can become sustainable to be ecologically and biologically sound, once all the imbalances and toxicities are corrected in the soil. This will promote the health of the environment. UAS of America, Inc., researches, manufactures and markets one of the largest lines of high quality biological, organic/natural fertilizers, foliar nutrients and natural biodegradable soil conditioners. These products include plant nutrients, liquid soil modifiers, humic acids, seaweed, fish emulsion, nitrogen fixing bacteria, enzymes, beneficial fungi (to control nematodes), non-toxic insect controls and many other environmentally safe products.

We are dedicated to providing to our customers the means to build a stronger foundation for their crops at lower end-costs. We want our customers to obtain the very best from the investment placed in their agro-business, whether it’s in production, distribution and/or resale. Our guarantee is to provide high-quality products at a competitive price and to develop new products for our customers, along with providing sound growing advise.

Our company provides programs of soil rejuvenation that emphasize user training in proper application of materials, equipment, and optimum timing. We will also custom-tailor programs to suit individual needs and convenience.