Frequently Asked Questions

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• Q: What are your office hours?
• A: Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM

• Q: How can I contact you?
• A: You may contact us by phone, email or in person. Please visit our contact page for this information.

• Q: Where can your products be used?
• A: Our products can be used in agriculture, turf, home lawns/gardens and hydroponics.

• Q: Where can I purchase your products?
• A: You may purchase products directly from us (where no distributors exist) or from one of our distributors or partnering companies.

• Q: Can I resell your product if there is no distributor in my area?
• A: Yes, you can become a distributor. Please call for distribution requirements.

• Q: Can I sell your proprietary product under my name?
• A: Yes, we provide private labeling. Please call for private label requirements.  Minimum purchase requirements apply.

• Q: Do you offer technical advice on product?
• A: Yes, we are happy to assist you. We offer are large variety of crop programs, technical sheets and spec sheets on all of our products.

• Q: Can you do custom blends to fit my needs?
• A: Yes, please contact our sister company Custom Liquid Solutions.

• Q: Do you offer organic?    Is your Product Certified Organic?  Do you follow NOP Rules?   What is the difference between Certified and NOP compliant? 
• A: Yes UAS has Organic products listed as NOP compliant (USDA Organic rules).

UAS for over 12 years relentlessly registered its organic products with a screening agency that placed their certification on our products.  Each year UAS  Paid dues and refiled forms, to renew this certification for each of its products.  However due to increasing red tape, repeat billing,  constant sometimes unjust rule changes that sometimes was going away from the National Organic products List .  UAS decided to change how we classify our Organic products.  We decided to strictly follow USDA Organic Rules, appropriately known as NOP .  Their rules are  the national organic products list published by the USDA.

What is the difference?  Certified Organic was a prior screened system operated by a reputable agency doing the leg work in reviewing each organic product.  Once they put their approval or certification on a product it was then known by the Certifying agent that they can trust those products, because it was already reviewed.  This certifying agency was basically the pre-screeners between the Manufacturer and the Certifying agents.  Certifying agents are ultimately the ones who classifies your crops / produce as ORGANIC.

Is it necessary for the product you use to be certified to be used as organic in crop cultivation?  Not always, it helps speed up process, but as long as the product is made strictly by national organic products list and the Certifying agent agrees to the NOP rules Set forth by the government.  That is all that is needed to for organic certification.  It is up to the Grower to make sure their certifying agent follows the NOP Rules prior to buying and applying our NOP compliant Organic products.

UAS has decided to certify its  products as NOP compliant  with WSDA, Following all NOP Rules,

*This product is Compliant to NOP rules.   National Organic Program (NOP) is a government agency that lists the rules and criteria to guide manufacturers to make sure their product ingredients fall under NOP standards.  PLEASE NOTE To use this product in your organic certified crops, please consult with your Organic certifying agent and give them this product information and get their approval, before you use this product on your organic crop.   If your Organic Certifying Agent needs extra information.   We will be happy to directly discuss with your certifying agent in more details.

Please make sure your certifying agent gives their approval prior to your purchase and use of this products.  UAS will not be liable if your certifying agent does not follow NOP guidance.

For a full list of NOP rules on materials See this link