Frequently Asked Questions

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Our products can be used in agriculture, turf, home lawns/gardens and hydroponics.

You may purchase products directly from us (where no distributors exist) or from one of our distributors or partnering companies.

Yes, you can become a distributor. Please call for distribution requirements.

Yes, we provide private labeling. Please call for private label requirements. Minimum purchase requirements apply.

Yes, we are happy to assist you. We offer are large variety of crop programs, technical sheets and spec sheets on all of our products.

 Yes, please contact our sister company Custom Liquid Solutions.

Yes UAS has Organic products listed as NOP compliant (USDA Organic rules)

UAS relentlessly registered its organic products with screening agencies that placed their certification on our products only after an in depth review of our products.    UAS decided to register our product as certified organic with OMRI and WSDA.   Both these agencies reviewed our processes and formulations and granted us the certification for 4 of our products as Organic. They went through the venting process for you, so you don’t need to.  (Always check with your certifying agency to be sure they accept OMRI or WSDA)  Both these certifying agencies follow USDA Organic Rules, appropriately known as NOP. Their rules are the national organic products list published by the USDA.

 We follow USDA Organic Rules, appropriately known as NOP . Their rules are the national organic products list published by the USDA.

Being Certified Organic by OMRI or WSDA is simply saying there was a prior screened system by a reputable agency doing the leg work in reviewing each organic product.  Once they put their approval or certification on a product it was then known by the Certifying agent that they can trust those products, because it was already vented thoroughly.  This certifying agency was basically the pre-screeners between the Manufacturer and the Certifying agents.  Certifying agents are ultimately the ones who classifies your crops / produce as ORGANIC. So always check with your certifying agent regardless.

Any certifying agent should follow locale state and Federal guidelines as set forward by the NOP(National Organic Product) list developed by  USDA. As long as the product is made strictly inline with the national organic products list and the Certifying agent agrees to the NOP rules Set forth by the government.  That is all that is needed to for organic certification.  It is up to the Grower to make sure their certifying agent follows the NOP Rules prior to buying and applying our NOP compliant Organic products.