Soil Improvement

UAS’s Philosophy has always been you cannot grow a solid quality crop without a solid foundation: THE SOIL.

The soil products we developed are the very important first steps to become successful in growing your high quality crops.

In turf grass,  building good soil is also the first Step.


In this picture. It is obvious to see which soil has a better foundation. Black line represents property line. Notice Neighboring yard. Their grass close to that line is doing well because its roots are getting benefit of the better soil.

We need to look at the  physical characteristics of your soil. Your soil will need carbon and your soil will need to be in a condition where it can sustain life. Your soil should be alive with life, free energies that nature has given the soil to help plants grow for millions of years. Keep  in mind that when you use chemicals you slowly disinfect your soil of those free energies. Building up your soil foundation will create a soil environment to invite those free energies back. The term If you build it… they will come has never been more correct than in this instance of building a good soil foundation. Your free energy nature supplies will come.

Let’s start with some basic products to help improve your soil:

Soil Conditioner  To condition soil to a suitable stage to accept the microbe population increase.  Read more on soil conditioners

Soil Carbon   To feed Microbes and raise organic matter.  Read more on Soil Carbon

Nitro Fix   If you do not have the adequate microbial populations in your soil.  We can help.  After your soil is conditioned, try our beneficial bacteria package to infuse fresh bacterial cultures into your soils. Read more on Bacteria for the soils