Specialty Products Introduction

We do not just blend macro-nutrients (Liquid NPKs) and micro-nutrients. UAS makes many specialty products also.

We specialize in starting in soil with soil conditioners and modifiers. Since 1994 our philosophy has been. Our base starts in the soil. Without a solid foundation for your crops they can’t stand very tall and strong.


How and where do We Start?


We Start with the Soil

STEP 1 in the SOIL

Why we do this?

Then after we build the soil foundation we incorporate beneficial bacteria and proceed to our bio-fertilizers.

Improve your soil in Turf or Agriculture using these products

Our philosophy to New age approach is 1...2...3

1. Cleanse Soil

Super Hume helps cleanse soil biology to virgin state.

2. Infuse soil with Beneficial Becteria

Nitro-Fix Help bring necessary Microbial actions back to proper levels.

3. Apply Supplemental Mirco and Macro Nutritional Applications

Supply the plant with necessary booster feeding to help add quailty, yield and size.