Village Lawn Care

I’ve been in Tampa for only a short period of time, but in my 25 years of experience with chemicals, I have never been so impressed with a product as I have with Super Seaweed.

We at Village Lawn Care have had problems with palms and citrus trees. After only 4 months we have solved almost everything from sour soil to minor deficiencies with foliar applications and soil drenching.

Thank you so much for introducing us to this product.

Daryl R. Wright
Spray Technician

City of Tampa

We have used the Super Fish, Seaweed, Humic Acid, and Soil Conditioner for about two years in high-profile maintenance areas. The results are healthy, vigorous plants that require less pesticides, reduced the stress and overall maintenance.

In urban soils the Super Soil Conditioner (SSP) alters the soil and provides aeration allowing better intake of nutrients and water.

Flowering plants produce bigger, brighter flowers, and blooms all year long.

Kathy Beck

Hillsborough County

We have used the CropMaster products for approximately three years at Euerka Spring.

The Super Seaweed, 10-8-8 and 3-18-18 made an immediate difference with our plants and continue to provide excellent nutrients for a well balanced maintenance program.

Cliff Brown
Park Manager

Robert A Kyle Tree & Landscaping

The Super Seaweed and 5~5-15 have shown exemplary results when used for transplanting and established material. These products can be used to keep a constant nutritional supply without burning or harming new roots. The nutritional uptake by the plant is almost immediate. We have seen new root growth and leaf change within about two weeks.

It is easy to apply and mixes well with other chemicals. It is cost effective and labor saving. I highly recommend the use of these products.

Robert A Kyle

Landscape & Horticulture Services, Inc.

Over the past four years, we have been using several naturally organic fertilizers and soil enhancing CropMaster products purchased from Tampa Agricultural Products. We are very pleased with the results of plant growth and turf production. Here is a program:
  • Seaweed is used on a timely basis, mainly during times of plant stress. It is very compatible with other products and enables the plants and turf to be fertilized when temperatures are very high and most other liquid applications will burn.
  • Humic Acid is used mostly in the spring and fall. It helps the ground breaking up all the tied up pesticides and other microorganisms so the roots may travel easier in the soil.  It also fertilizes the root system for growth.

  • Formula Iron (Dark Green) is used during hot summer months when color is needed more than growth. This naturally organic iron can be foliar sprayed during hot weather without burning of plants. This is a very high quality iron product.

Winford L. Fowler