Micro Boost OR®

This is UAS’s balanced Organic Chelated Micro-Nutrient package.


This product is Compliant to NOP rules.   National Organic Program (NOP) is a government agency that lists the rules and criteria to guide manufacturers to make sure their product ingredients fall under NOP standards.  PLEASE NOTE: To use this product in your organic certified crops, consult with your Organic certifying agent and give them this product information and get their approval, before you use this product on your organic crop. If your Organic Certifying Agent needs extra information, we will be happy to directly discuss with your certifying agent in more detail.

Please make sure your certifying agent gives their approval prior to your purchase and use of this product. UAS will not be liable if your certifying agent does not follow NOP guidance.

For a full list of NOP rules on materials, see this link.