Phosphonate NPK Plant Mixes

Also known as: Potassium Phosphite — A lower cost alternative.

UAS of America, Inc creates Phosphonate fertilizers by combining an inorganic hydroxide with pure H3PO3 to form a 100% liquid fertilizer. Keeping in mind the importance of P in an N P K, U.A.S. has developed the pHorus™ line of NPK’s. pHorus™ is a specially designed high Phosphonate concentrate, manufactured with a high phosphorus base needed by plants, trees, and vegetable crops to produce blossoms. Phosphorus is an essential element for all plant life. It makes up an important part of plant genes and is essential for molecules that carry genetic information.

Key role of Phosphorus (P) (NPK)

P is needed for photosynthesis.
P is needed for plant respiration.
P is needed for energy storage and transfer.
P is needed for cell division.
P is needed for cell enlargement.
P is needed for several other plant processes.

Plants’ need for Phosphorus (P) (NPK)

Phosphorus is an important nutrient (macronutrient) needed by the plant to complete its normal production cycle. The highest level of P in young plants is found in tissue, at the growing stage as plants mature most of the P moves into the flower, seeds or fruit.

To this high phosphorus formula we went further by adding additional macro ingredients to come up with a superior plant blossom and fruiting stage product. With these added ingredients the N-P-K liquids are enhanced for a more positive utilization by the plant. With its high P2O5 hot mix formula, pHorus™ is vital to your plants (when you needed it) during its blooming and later fruiting stage. pHorus™ will improve the quality of the fruit, vegetable, and grain crops.

Information Sheet (PDF)