Soil Conditioner

Hard, compacted soil and hardpan can be a very expensive problem for the farmer in many ways.

  • Water standing in fields delays planting.
  • Delayed planting is a delayed harvest.
  • Reduces yields.
  • Increases fuel costs.
  • Adds stress to equipment.
  • Poor seed germination.
  • Poor root growth.
  • Less air getting to the roots.

Our soil conditioner is engineered to loosen compacted soil and break up hardpan, that causes these problems. It is made with a full 60% solution of Ammonium Laureth Sulfate, the strongest known in the market.

Application(s) of our soil conditioner you will notice an increase the downward movement of water, as well as a reduction in hardpan and surface crusting.

The results are:

  • More uniform stands.
  • Improved root growth (by breaking up compaction).
  • Allows more air to get to the roots.
  • Reduction in erosion.
  • Easier tillage.
  • Quicker seed emergence.
  • Less wear on equipment.
  • Save on fuel.
  • A more mellow, loose soil.
  • Increased microbial activity, essential in providing healthy soils.
  • Detoxifying soil for improved plant health.
  • Improved water movement for reduced fungus problems.

It actually works on the soil itself to improve flocculation and tilth, thus insuring moisture movement down and back up to make sure root systems are adequately fed. More growers are experiencing the results of easier tillage in the spring, summer and fall saving time, fuel, and equipment wear.

No till planting soils are looser and the downward movement of water is increased. It will allow better seed emergence and give deeper rooting. Spring and fall plowing conditions are greatly improved with more mellow, aerated soil. Also, increases microorganism activity, loosens hardpan, aids in harvesting with an improved permeability and reduced plasticity. Safe to use it is non-toxic to plants or animals, and biodegradable.

Our soil conditioner: SSP™ .