Super Fish Emulsion™

Our Super Fish Emulsion™ is derived from Gulf of Mexico Fish that feed on Mineral-Rich Plankton which in turn results in Super Fish Emulsion containing essential trace minerals and Macro and Micronutrients. With these important elements is a guaranteed analysis of 5-1-1, giving it an excellent source of organic Nitrogen. Super Fish Emulsion is the highest quality Hydrolyzed Fish soluble available to agriculture today. This is a very rich source of essential trace and major elements. There are over 40 minerals, vitamins, and amino acids contained in Super Fish Emulsion. Some of the elements found are Iron, Boron, Zinc, calcium, manganese, Vitamins B1, B2 plus many more.


*This product is Compliant to NOP rules.   National Organic Program (NOP) is a government agency that lists the rules and criteria to guide manufacturers to make sure their product ingredients fall under NOP standards. PLEASE NOTE To use this product in your organic certified crops, please consult with your Organic certifying agent and give them this product information and get their approval, before you use this product on your organic crop. If your Organic Certifying Agent needs extra information. We will be happy to directly discuss with your certifying agent in more details.

Please make sure your certifying agent gives their approval prior to your purchase and use of this products.  UAS will not be liable if your certifying agent does not follow NOP guidance.

For a full list of NOP rules on materials See this link