How to choose what NPK is right for your needs

Each NPK is specially developed for a different stage in the plant’s life cycle similar to humans who need different diets at different stages in their life-cycle. We emphasize changing your spray formulation at each growing cycle. Each cycle in the plant life is different from growth to bloom to fruiting. Therefore it needs more or less different elements to complete its job at each cycle. Plant growth energies can be divided into two separate parts during its life cycle.


In this stage the plant is in the growth mode. It starts from the time the plant emerges from the seed to the point where the plant has matured or begins to flower. Higher nitrogen is needed to aid the plant in this stage.


Use = 10-8-8 , 16-4-8 , 15-0-15 , 21-0-0 , 20-4-4 , 8-2-4 , 28-0-0 , 20-0-10 , sc12-0-0 , & 18-6-12

Young plants need growth right up until maturity, which is usually just before blooming, or bud-initiation stage. The plants at this stage need a higher NITROGEN NPK to increase elongation growth. The nitrogen element is needed for  this growth, along with specific proportionate combination of PHOSPHORUS and POTASSIUM. By supplying the plant with extra nitrogen via foliar sprays, you are helping the plant in growth by supplying that extra nitrogen. This can mean quicker blooming and healthier plants.

CATIONIC (Stage 1)


This stage of the plant is from flowering to harvest. The plant is in production mode and no longer actively growing. Higher PHOSPHORUS and POTASH is needed in this stage.


Use = 6-14-6, 5-30-10, 0-25-0, 7-21-0, 9-18-9 , 6-19-0, 3-18-18

Once your plants have started to produce buds or blooms you have a plant that is matured and is ready for the production of your crop. This is where we change from higher nitrogen to a higher PHOSPHATE product. The idea being not to allow your fruit coming from the blossoms to grow too fast with high nitrogen. You want to be more concerned at this stage to form a fruit that contains higher pound solids and more body. Phosphate will supply the cells that are being formed at this stage to fill in with body, giving more weight and mineral value. Too much nitrogen at this stage will just make the cells grow and not form the body or mineral content, making the produce sour and shortening the shelf life. The right concentration of nitrogen, PHOSPHORUS, and potash is needed to give a complete balance in this stage.


(When fruit has formed)

Use = 3-18-18, 0-31-23, 0-0-15, 0-0-15, 0-0-25-17s, 10-10-10, Superhume/Seaweed®

Still in the cationic stage this is the second part of that stage.   Once your plants have produced fruit and that fruit has formed and begins to grow or mature. 

High POTASH with high PHOSPHORUS is needed with just the right combination of nitrogen to allow a good balance. This will help build quality in your crop.

Which ever plant stage your plants are in.   

We can help you can pick the right fertilizer to finish your crop with the best it needs.