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UAS EXPAND Retail Footprint UAS
EXPAND Retail Footprint
UAS goes Digital
We are implementing a new digital foot print for Tracing all our steps from the Time we order all supplies to the delivery of all finished products. We will be able to track anything at any process if ever needed.
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Africa 2023
UAS expands markets in Africa

European Markets Expand

UAS's Hydroponics markets reach into Europe


What We Provide.

UAS of America Inc, partnering with its global agricultural suppliers is empowering Growers in the agricultural & turf industry to cultivate their growing techniques more sustainably.


First we Research, Formulate, Test,  then Manufacture  advanced products.  Then through our worldwide partners provide innovative fertilizers and techniques that promote higher yields / quality while protecting precious land resources for generations to come.


for turf




Most growers get a lot of information. Unfortunately, a lot of that information can be inaccurate or misleading. UAS of America is dedicated to excellence for ongoing training and to provide information as accurately as possible to the grower, through videos and information sheets. We hope you find this information useful.

Our Research documents.

Designed for Turf

UAS of America manufactures liquid blends for lawn companies, golf course reps and resellers. All are high quality products, chelated by natural sugar based chelates, humic acids and/or organic acids.


Designed for Agriculture

UAS of America, Inc., is dedicated to the development and ongoing training of individual farmers and organizations, who are interested in finding and using alternate methods to improve cultivation and fertilization procedures. Our goal is to provide the tools and training to farmers so they can be less dependent on chemical fertilizers, while harvesting the same if not better yields, with substantial increases in quality.



All of our tech sheets, information sheets, SDS documents and labels, are available as PDFs, regularly updated, for downloading and printing.

Working together with our trusted partners, we are on an inspiring journey to create a brighter future. For the last 30 years, it has been our goal to maximize nature's resources in revolutionize farming systems – paving the way for sustainable progress by using natures free renewable farm energy sources.

UAS researches, manufactures and through its Worldwide partners markets one of the largest lines of high quality biological, organic and natural fertilizers, foliar nutrients, natural biodegradable soil conditioners. These products include plant nutrients, liquid soil conditioners, fulvic acids, seaweed, fish emulsion, nitrogen-fixing bacteria, enzymes, beneficial fungi, non-toxic insect controls and a range of environmentally safe biological, organic minerals and bio active nutritional  products.

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